if you ever have a spare thousand bucks lying around

you can buy me a print of chinese girl with yellow jacket by vladimir tretchikoff. or balinese girl, or malay bride – i’m not fussy. note: it’s my birthday in september.


nothing like a breton stripe

this post came about from looking at pics of Jean Seberg in breathless. love that boat neck french stripe vibe, i thought.

oh look, geraldine saglio loves it too (naturally, she is french)

and picasso, plus some other cool people.

i want one!


i could see these on my walls

in my kitchen, specifically. artist: holly farrell


on the way i stopped for eggs

pardon all the art related posts, but i musn’t forget about this (as i did a couple of weeks ago). i stumbled upon it again today and just love love love it. In Love With A. Lincoln by Maira Kalman


talking about still… lives

chelsea bentley james has some pretty rad paintings