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March 2009

  • stupid alphabet bracelets
    Fashion, Stuff

    waaaaait a second

    THESE are back in style? and selling at $40 a pop? now i know the nineties are back. and, i’m old enough to say ‘the nineties are back’. next thing we know…

  • richie tenenbaum

    actually, I think he’s crying.

    this is still one of my favourite movies of all time. what happened, luke? you used to be my object of lust and now all you do is play golf and make…

  • GS 01

    perhaps pierre, monique?

    geraldine saglio – fashion stylist at french vogue. she’s french, she’s cool and she has insanely long legs. sigh.…

  • selby-10_5_08_nico_francesca_mex2830
    Living, Photography

    show offs

    psh! like i’d want to live in some charming beach front mexican casa complete with pink water and former burberry models. whatevs. via the selby…

  • karl's bodyguard

    i mean really now

    this is karl lagerfeld’s bodyguard. seriously, karl? i bet he has him running around his manse after hours with a wee apron on. oh, the thought of it. pic from jak and jill…

  • Music

    it’s blitz!

    The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs is pretty much amazing. Soft Shock – get it!…