March, 2009

there’s a running theme today

milly. thread social. alice + olivia. thurley. temperley. tibi – all from net-a-porter

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hello, lovely clothes.

i love oak

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dancing behind my eyelids

oooooh i love robert mcginnis. look at the palms in that last one! i wish i could have a gigantic version papered onto a wall.

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summer’s end

it could be because of the stifling heat that i am longing for winter, but it’s also the clothes.

courtesy: sartorialistgarance

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today feels like a darjeeling limited day

it’s so hot outside we may as well be in india, right? and look cool at the same time!

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portraiture makes me happy


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roald dahl, hallowed be thy name


my childhood was basically made up of enid blyton and roald dahl. the BFG, matilda, twits, witches… then i found two collections of his adult short stories (switch bitch and kiss kiss – exactly like in the pic above) in the bookcase at home and read them over and over again, until the pages started falling out. i thought the psychedelic sex scene at the end of ‘bitch’ was especially amusing. if you find them, buy them! ps: how great are penguin & pelican book covers? my illustration lecturer used to cream his pants over them.

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maybe she’s beat boxing

what a good joke

hopefully i can take cool pictures one day, too? nice one mamma.

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