March, 2009

take 100′s of pictures of one thing, and you have a book

this dude took hundreds of pics of doorbells in florence, and now it’s going to be a book. PRETTAY cool. so, i guess, go to some rad euro city (or any other place!) and start taking pictures, folks.

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hey, remind me to make more money

la garconne bag

$975 from la garconne

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chocolate + beards = good times




look at these dudes!

and, look at their chocolate!!!!!!



* dies *


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i won’t actually read them

penguin books 1penguin bookspenguin bookspenguin books

just stare at them all day

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fa la la


makool loves you

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how i shall start my week


so said paul rand.

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waaaaait a second

stupid alphabet bracelets

THESE are back in style? and selling at $40 a pop? now i know the nineties are back. and, i’m old enough to say ‘the nineties are back’. next thing we know all the girls are going to start rocking these again:

stupid rings necklace

oh no.

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actually, I think he’s crying.

richie tenenbaum

this is still one of my favourite movies of all time. what happened, luke? you used to be my object of lust and now all you do is play golf and make crappy movies. for shame.

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