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May 2009

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    i ♥ vintage ny

    i’m sure i would also ♥ NY circa now, if only i could get there. look through the entire flickr collection of NY pics: 19th century – now…

  • elope-01

    let’s run away together

    When they decided to get married, Shana & her husband were determined not to get caught up in all the hoopla of the wedding industry. that is pretty cool, i’m all about…

  • amy-bennett-02

    amy bennett

    Working with common themes such as transition, aging, isolation, and loss, I am interested in the fragility of relationships and the awkwardness of a group of people trying to coexist and relate…

  • 9000

    dance dance dance

    from 9000’s flickr. a collection of some pretty great stuff, highly recommended.…

  • paul-newman

    i can eat fifty eggs

    if you like paul newman (i know i do), then you want to subscribe to this tumblr. it’s like getting a sweet piece of man heaven in your rss reader every morning.…

  • Fashion, Film

    the lady noir affair

    marion cotillard in a hitchcock inspired ad for dior’s pre-fall 2009 collection (pre fall? how many collections do these people have now. pre fall, fall, post fall, pre winter, winter, post winter, pre sring,…

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  • tom-gauld-gigantic-robot

    tom gauld

    i’m going to buy this book when it comes out, i will!…

  • krislewis-promisebroken

    kris lewis

    i would buy every single portrait. if i had money. kris lewis art…