very good advice

i have to admit this off the bat, alice in wonderland’s soundtrack has to be one of my favourites. i know the words to every single song, and almost nothing gives me more joy than singing along to ‘golden afternoon’. hah! i’m not ashamed.

here’s a trippy video & awesome electro mashup of ‘very good advice’ (you know, when she’s all sad and lonely – walking through the dark forest and the little critters want to comfort her, shame.) it has over 2 million views, i can’t believe i’ve never seen it before!

via uno. it’s even more trippy if you watch it like this (recommended)



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  1. says

    going through your music archives, wanted to see if there was a site you recommended for purchasing music. the one i found is good, but it doesn’t always have the lesser known artists.

    and then i found this. oh wow. you just made my day – esp the yoooouuu tuuuube version. wow wee. had to send it to my sister – we watched alice over and over and over and over again!