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June 2009

  • copenhagen-bikes

    copenhagen + bicycles

    if you’ve ever been to copenhagen, you’d understand. on my first day there i stood on a street corner for about 5 minutes watching the hordes of people on bicycles – thinking…

  • freddie


    the passing of mj has me thinking of another great i wish had lived longer…

  • local-natives

    local natives

    i have so many michael jackson remixes to share with you, but i fear i’m going into MJ overkill. so, for a nice change of pace, here’s something completely different. local natives…

  • lmlondon


    LM london ceramics via for me, for you…

  • deskhouse
    Design, Living

    desk house

    forget the kids, i want one of these bad boys via swiss miss & design milk…

  • 1947-nissan-tama-electric-car-lg

    1947 nissan tama electric car

    jees i’ve really underestimated nissan (check out the figaro).  i mean let’s be honest, this is the company that brought us the sentra, a favourite of south african korean families (that and…

  • Design


    ag, i love it. is there a shop called Mooi in south africa? there should be. designed by maximilian combüechen: “This project required me to work with many different suppliers, like bag-making…

  • olympus-01


    ” Not a Point and Shoot. Not an SLR. It’s a PEN. What will you create? “ Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds digital camera – wowowow via engadget & official site…

  • Uncategorized


    i first went to paris in 2005 … i haven’t looked at these photos basically since then (probably because they’re on my computer & not on actual film in an album!) it…