June, 2009

old ladies = stockings with sandals

just love her coat & blue dress. via the sartorialist.

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fun for the shut-in

children’s book illustrations flickr set

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art nouveau


via fonk’s flickr

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michael jackson

” We had come to count on the privilege of this view into Jackson’s clearly pained existence. Yet we continued to dance to his songs at parties, exalt the talents of his youth and younger years, and give him credit for changing the landscape of music. It was as if there were two different Michael Jacksons, the one who was here and the one who was already gone.And now that Michael Jackson is gone, not just the part of him we loved and worshiped, but also those parts of him that we questioned and mocked, we are left with a confounding and massive emptiness. ”

Carrie Brownstein on Michael Jackson’s death

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victorian style homes

via victorian style homes flickr group

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mister wobbly


tom gauld

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the london spy


london in the early 1970s – via another nickel in the time machine

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never go with a hippie to a second location


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