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June 2009

  • dadda

    happy father’s day

    i meant to post this yesterday but didn’t have access to all my photos. i didn’t forget! got him roald dahl’s collection of short stories, he was chuffed. big love xoxo…

  • mm

    autumn beds

    modest mouse – autumn beds official site…

  • 61publica

    cute cars

    also see the nissan figaro. via science bastards…

  • sunnies

    riddle me this

    john lennon style round sunglasses, featured heavily in uk vogue this month. remember how popular these were in the nineties? oh yes – even my brother had a pair. it’s only a…

  • houses
    Living, Photography

    100 abandoned houses

    this site was featured heavily on the blogosphere a while back, but i keep returning to it because some of the houses are so awesome and i’m sad that they are wasting…

  • Film

    save the date

    after that anne bancroft post, i searched for ages trying to find this cute save the date video i saw yonks ago – inspired by The Graduate, emulating the end bus scene.…

  • life-picnic

    mad men & women

    i’ve posted about life magazine’s archive before, an endless source of awesomeness. check out the mad men vibe they’ve got going here, she is a dead ringer for betty draper! via sally…

  • chuck

    straight men, look away

    look, i’m enough of a girl to admit that i enjoy gossip girl as much as the next girl (girl). and all chicks dig chuck bass.  he looks slightly gay in some…

  • white-rabbits

    white rabbits

    white rabbits – while we go dancing visit their myspace…

  • figaro1

    dream car

    The Nissan Figaro was introduced at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan “Back to the Future” it’s so cute i might DIE!…

  • wren-dress

    her dress

    well known blogger & all round crafty person laura normandin from wren handmade posted her wedding photos. i just had to show you how cute her dress is. be sure to check…