June, 2009

scary mary poppins

much in the same vein as the happy shining trailer

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goodness gracious


i want one! scottish fold cat

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ron english

the art & crimes of ron english

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alice in wonderland

tim burton’s alice in wonderland, whoa!



Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsley



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happy father’s day


i meant to post this yesterday but didn’t have access to all my photos. i didn’t forget! got him roald dahl’s collection of short stories, he was chuffed. big love xoxo

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autumn beds


modest mouse – autumn beds

official site

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cute cars

also see the nissan figaro. via science bastards

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riddle me this


john lennon style round sunglasses, featured heavily in uk vogue this month. remember how popular these were in the nineties? oh yes – even my brother had a pair. it’s only a matter of time before these make a comeback like aviators & wayfarers did (and still are… flippen wayfarers. give it a rest people!)

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