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June 2009

  • studio apartment

    love the light

    i’m nowhere near buying a house (or even a cupboard somewhere) – but if i was on the market for a wee bit of real estate, i would probably start off with…

  • wee-house
    Design, Living

    wee house

    architect designed prefab houses. alchemy architects via darling dexter…

  • enoch-01

    enoch bolles

    enoch bolles, pin-up / glamour illustrator – pics via bolles biggest fan. ( i LOVE that polar bear pic )…

  • Film, Food

    food inc

    holy creepy music batman. going to see this.…

  • ben

    it’s (not) complicated

    “it seems pretty cut & dried. it’s just this guy, and he just… doesn’t like her very much.” ben gibbard – complicated (avril lavigne cover) (i just had to put a pic…

  • uniform-project

    the uniform project

    I have pledged to wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Here’s how it works: There are 7 identical dresses, one for each day of the week.…

  • paris-map1

    paris & london

    paris & london maps. wow! anyone feeling generous? found on too many blogs to thank…

  • church

    church house

    this is pretty cool (in theory), it’s just too bad that the owners have the worst taste in the world (how’s that lounge, hey?) they could have done so much with it!…

  • pepere

    karen klassen

    karen klassen – visit her website & blog via book by its cover…

  • Film

    year one

    “you are called suck” if i lived stateside, i would go see this next friday…