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June 2009

  • budgie-01


    hehehehe. from luke stephenson’s flickr. he also has a pretty amusing set called “morning glory” (NSFW…. i guess), as well as “the world beard and moustache championships” – which i obviously love.…

  • sophia-paul

    sophia & paul

    sophia lauren & paul newman in the same photograph…. * brain explodes * – via so in so out…

  • sam-beam-iron-wine

    belated promise ring

    oh, sam beam – stop enticing me with your bearded glory and silky voice. iron & wine – belated promise ring (from subpop) (from the album Around the Well - a compilation…

  • Film

    district 9

    bet you weren’t expecting that, hey? be sure to watch the original short by neill blomkamp (you’ll probably really appreciate it if you’re south african, but it’s pretty great viewing anyway!) district…

  • table-1


    i’m kind of obsessing with tables these days.…

  • raleigh-1


    raleigh bicycle catalogue from 1956 … i can think of another raleigh that i like, “how interesting, how bizarre!”…

  • puppy wish
    Art, Stuff

    the perry bible fellowship

    i was scratching around in my ‘amusing’ bookmarks folder (yes, i categorise) and stumbled upon one of my favourite comic strips: the perry bible fellowship. buy the book, get the t-shirt, read them all…

  • eggs-benedict

    perfect eggy

    oh man, do i love me some eggs! i could quite possibly live on eggs benedict for the rest of my life – if a diet consisting entirely of english muffins +…

  • cam-house-06
    Design, Living

    let my cameron go

    this post doesn’t really have anything to do with cameron from ferris bueller (love him, though), except that his character’s house from the movie is for sale. i have house envy. via…