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July 2009

  • salads

    101 simple salads

    i wish it was spring / summer so that the veggie section didn’t look so depressing! if i could get nice fresh produce daily, i’d probably live on salads like this. via…

  • union
    Design, Food

    & Union

    sausage, meat, mustard & great poster design all in one. good beer too, so i hear – & Union.…

  • desmond1

    & the

    ooooooh my favourite SA band Desmond & The Tutus has a new EP out Everyone that signs up today or before today gets a free download of the EP…

  • Uncategorized

    whisper chain

    now that’s pretty cute.…

  • crazy-cool-house
    Design, Living


    i do feel like 99% of the structures on these archi blogs are pretty samey (wood, glass, sharp edges – give me a victorian anyday, right?) – but this is pretty coooool…

  • farewellbear_for_mikka_by_iphigen

    bear love.

    dear friends, please read this message, don’t skip it. on 27th december 2008, my husband Mikka died. he was robbed and thrown to the river. some of you could have known him…

  • bssco

    sam potts inc

    brooklyn superhero supply company design by sam potts. i really like his website.…

  • alfred e. neuman
    Art, Vintage

    what, me worry?

    alfred e. neuman, before being picked up by MAD – some interesting history there. “Nineteenth-century publications […] depicted the typical Irish immigrant as a bomb-throwing cretin barely distinguishable from the adult ape…

  • potato-cat
    Living, Photography

    i want potato

    not only is their house pretty awesome, but nic + susien are the designers for lover (wonderful australian label) and they have a beautiful british shorthair called POTATO! ♥ look at his…