July, 2009

sam potts inc


brooklyn superhero supply company design by sam potts.

i really like his website.

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clare owen


more at her flickr

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who doesn’t like a beagle?

i ask you!

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what, me worry?

alfred e. neuman

alfred e. neuman, before being picked up by MAD – some interesting history there.

“Nineteenth-century publications [...] depicted the typical Irish immigrant as a bomb-throwing cretin barely distinguishable from the adult ape …. Versions of the face were used as medical pictures of people with deficiency diseases or hormone imbalances; the faces of patients with Williams syndrome have been compared to Neuman … Neuman’s image was also used negatively, as a “supporter” of rival political candidates, with the idea that only an idiot would vote for them

also used in Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda

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i want potato


not only is their house pretty awesome, but nic + susien are the designers for lover (wonderful australian label) and they have a beautiful british shorthair called POTATO!

♥ look at his faaaaaaace ♥

via the selby

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take your mum

hi-res tourism posters, as seen in murray’s office in flight of the conchords from denèe on flickr

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swing tags


also from neville trickett

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