July, 2009

glastonbury 2009

i know a lot of people prefer the smaller fests (like bestival) – but wow glasto looked pretty awesome this year. and BLUR headlined! i would definitely have gone just for that. amazing pictorial from the boston globe.

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ag shame


hahaha. taken in betty’s bay – he was waiting for his person, who was surfing. note: don’t watch marley & me. not only is it an entirely average / shit movie, it makes you CRY because the dog dies (spoiler), and if you’ve ever had a dog – you’ll understand.

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taken in the tankwa karoo by my mom

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The mother whose child sucks on this window again, must please come clean it up!!

seen in a shop window in Middelpos (a small town in the northern cape)

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porsche 356 speedster

the only porsche i actually like

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the lost tribes of new york city

and you know like somebody walk on the street, when they listen mus- when they heard some music, because some black people…. they drove a car and then they turn the music up very loudly. and then somebody DANCING like me – some days. not some days, many days – it’s just dancing on the street. you know, it’s crazy. but i love it.

via motionographer

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heavy cross


the gossip – heavy cross

i have to tell you, i’ve never been a huge gossip fan (pardon… the pun?), but i am really digging their new single. the chorus is pretty catchy, i have this on repeat in my car.

watch the video & visit their myspace

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