July, 2009

learning to float


this is me as a tot learning how to float (so i wouldn’t drown if i ever landed in a pool by accident). parents take note: take your babies for floating lessons. it has served me well, as i am not dead yet.

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john kramer

these are great because the karoo always makes me think of long hot drives & stopping at a kafee for an ice cold COKE. i hope these general stores don’t disappear forever.┬ávia john kramer

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this is how to do it


remember my post about bicycles? how cool are these ladies from burkina faso. did you know, almost 55 million bikes have been made this year so far?

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we are animals


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flip it’s already july! as much as i hate that this year is flying by, things are looking up. why? because now we’re only 2 months away from the best month of the year:┬áSEPTEMBER! the weather starts getting hotter (but not too hot) … and it’s my birthday. it ain’t called SPRING for nothing, dudes.


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i am what i eat

The texts are adapted from found Anorexic journals in an attempt to help shed light on their plights, thoughts, anxieties & what actually creates the need for such harsh diet regimes.


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check out that reflection


so demure by today’s standards, lovely.

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old school(s)


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