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August 2009

  • sarmies

    funky lunch

    some people are just really silly…

  • yoga_one_business_card


    yoga biz card found on oh my god it even has a watermark…

  • neverending story

    neverending story

    i bought my nephew the neverending story on DVD for his 10th birthday (which is today). i hope he loves it as much as i did when i was a kid! my…

  • woodstock

    woodstock 1969

    40 years ago this weekend: love, peace, music, mud & tons of drugs. the photos, stories, videos etc make me nostalgic for something i could never have experienced myself (make sense?). i…

  • Uncategorized

    overheard in new york

    Older woman, examining furniture on sidewalk: “Look at this! This is a nice art deco bureau.” Older man: “Well, Elaine, this is not a nice art deco world!” do you read overheard…

  • hangover

    swans mate for life

    the picture’s so sad, but he’s so funny i can’t help but laugh.…