Bumper Fashion Special No. 11

charlotte ronson

only a small bumper fashion special today (#11), no time!

neverending story

neverending story

neverending story

i bought my nephew the neverending story on DVD for his 10th birthday (which is today). i hope he loves it as much as i did when i was a kid! my brother and i watched it almost all the time after school (i always fast-forwarded the wolf part, if i was on my own). i kind of hated bastian, but loved atreyu. i also really enjoyed falkor and of course always cried when artax died in the swamps of sadness.

woodstock 1969


40 years ago this weekend: love, peace, music, mud & tons of drugs. the photos, stories, videos etc make me nostalgic for something i could never have experienced myself (make sense?). i would have enjoyed seeing creedence clearwater revival, the who & other greats.  anyway, love me some hippies.  photos: life mag