fun in the garage


my friend amy and i decided to do a photoshoot. she had all these vintage clothes and i had my mom’s fancy digital nikon (which i didn’t know how to use). we also had a garage, a white sheet (backdrop), a standing lamp (professional lighting), curlers (that we also didn’t know how to use), crappy makeup and our wits.

most of these came out pretty well actually. they have a kind of seventies glamour, farrah fawcett, amateur soft porn in the garage element to them, which was our EXACT aim. i’m glad we did it because that entire wardrobe was consequently stolen when amz moved to joburg for work.



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  1. Stacy Adams says

    The first three are great,but I wish the photographer would have focused on the clothing more instead of the models face because thats the best part of a shoot like this. :)

  2. Stacy Adams says

    Oh,I’m sorry.I still think the other pictures are lovely too.I just found this site looking for clothes like that and I didn’t realise this was your personal site till after I posted that.You’re a really good photographer.

  3. Stacy Adams says

    That would be great! My roommate found your site in our internet history and was looking at some pictures too. She wanted me to compliment you for her,haha.