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September 2009

  • doyle-01

    thomas doyle

    My work mines the debris of memory through the creation of intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller. Often sealed under glass, the works depict the remnants of things past—whether major,…

  • where the wild things are

    wild posters

    yoh. when is this movie coming out already? the second trailer is pretty great, btw.…

  • king-richard-the-lion-heart-was-very-happy-to-finally-get-a-pair-of-spectacles

    matte stephens

    brainiac the art of matte stephens at etsy…

  • lumadessa-01
    Art, Design

    flora fauna

    The Flora Fauna collection is a cataloguing of the design identities of plants & animals from around the world. Examining the visual character differences & similarities of species. A field guide of…

  • frederik

    frederik jurk

    frederik jurk is an illustration student from hamburg…

  • Music

    deer tick

    listen: deer tick - beautiful girls…

  • the animals

    the animals

    the animals by nacho gil via design work life…

  • tina berning

    tina berning

    wonderful watercolour illustrations by tina berning…

  • tenerife-03


    i want to go to there. these pictures makes me think: is it ever, ever going to be warm again?…

  • afghan girl

    afghan girl

    haha, from balakov (check out the rest of his superb star lego scenes)…

  • creepy st nicholas

    st nicolas

    is that the creepiest santa ever or what?…

  • partly-cloudy

    partly cloudy

    have you seen UP yet? you should go see it, preferably with some kids.…