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September 2009

  • blue man

    dr. tobias

    i watched 1/2 of watchmen last night. i would have enjoyed it more if it went something like this…

  • 30rock

    jack gets in the game

    i watched 30 Rock episode season 2 ep 2: “Jack Gets in the game” again yesterday: Liz: How come men can be heavy and be respected, like James Gandolfini or Fat Albert?…

  • cherry-rage

    reilly stroop

    really enjoying these illustrations by reilly stroop…

  • Business in War: a symbol of warfare, with an element of business secreted within
    Art, Design

    negative space

    To provoke a second glance, Noma Bar expertly uses negative space: his illustrations are formed of both a single image and a series of themed elements that give the final piece its…

  • Uncategorized

    awareness test

    :D  from mallix…

  • cape town stadium
    Design, Photography


    latest pics of the new 2010 stadiums from the official 2010 twitter feed – nice!…

  • kitchen


    i love these kitchen cupboards - so simple!…

  • blue


    amazing! another strange icy place i want to go to.…

  • dominic-nahr-01

    dominic nahr

    dominic nahr – photojournalist. story at the ny times, thanks to henno for bringing him to my attention…

  • Jaco Haasbroek

    Z + Y

    ooooooh i’m hoping for the entire alphabet! go haasbroek go go go.…