fun in the garage


my friend amy and i decided to do a photoshoot. she had all these vintage clothes and i had my mom’s fancy digital nikon (which i didn’t know how to use). we also had a garage, a white sheet (backdrop), a standing lamp (professional lighting), curlers (that we also didn’t know how to use), crappy makeup and our wits.

paris deux

at the station, looking lost.

fraction of the photos i took on my second visit to paris – it was fantastico!

italian summer


it’s almost that time of year. lovely set over at osvaldo zoom‘s flickr

61˚ 37′ 9” N


nich hance‘s photos are niiiice

stomach ache


stomacheache’s photostream gives me the lol-ies

be happy now


jenny’s prints at her etsy shop

jordi gual


jordi gual’s photos at flickr

jack gets in the game



i watched 30 Rock episode season 2 ep 2: “Jack Gets in the game” again yesterday:

Liz: How come men can be heavy and be respected, like James Gandolfini or Fat Albert? It’s a double standard, and America needs to get over its body image madness.