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October 2009

  • grasshopper

    holding onto summer

    i love love love this photo by sarah montour – expecting a lot of this in the next few months (hello summer).…

  • esquire
    Design, Vintage

    vintage esquire

    wouldn’t it be cool if they still did covers like this, instead of just plonking a celeb on the cover? i understand that’s what you need to sell a magazine these days…

  • glamour

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 15

    bumper fashion special #18 – it’s late! i know! and even though i promised no more spring shows, i had to add a few from paris fashion week because they are pretty,…

  • Art

    françois-emile barraud

    barraud was swiss. he worked in paris for a time during the 1920's and painted mainly still lifes and portraits…

  • Art


    wonderful work by japanese graphic artist kmr.img…

  • Fashion

    laura lombardi

    pretty necklaces by jewellery designer laura lombardi…

  • jelly

    broken glass jelly

    remember that handmade soap that was all the rage a while back, it was full of different coloured chunks and smelled like strawberry and vanilla… and you thought it was so tasty…

  • lichtenstein


    roy lichtenstein died yesterday 12 years ago. he ruled!…

  • honda

    honda ev-n concept car

    the cutest gosh darn little noddy car i have ever seen edit: i emailed this to someone and they replied with…. haha.…