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    Please please tell me miss Moss, traverser of Internet fashion fantasy and source of inspiration, where in SA can we find lovely loosely fitting T’s like the Stella McC’s up here? I’ve even tried men’s T’s but they’re just too boxy. Any ideas? It’s all I want (for Christmas?)…

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    i think you’re referring to the alexander wang t-shirt (the grey one?) i’ve found some great T’s at Mr Price recently – they’re made from thin t-shirt material so they sit nice & loose, I buy them about 2-3 sizes too large & then ruche in the waist (so they sit very much the same as the two dress in the Mink Pink pics). otherwise i know that country road at woolies carries the loosish semi-sheer alexander wang type t-shirts but they are pretty pricey (over R500 i think). i have a feeling you could even buy those kind of t-shirts/vests at PEP stores (i used to buy those R10 vests there when i was in high school, sure they still stock them! they were in the boys section)