November, 2009

cédric bihr

i have a weakness for bearded creative types, so when i saw this dude on garance doré i had to see the work he did – and it’s pretty damn nice. images courtesy cédric bihr photography.

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it’s complicated


okay, i love meryl streep & i love alec baldwin – and i’m also a schmuck for these kind of movies (i have seen something’s gotta give more times than i’d care to admit, also by nancy meyers. you know what else she did? father of the bride! wah, i’m such a girl.)

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sheaff ephemera

Sheaff Ephemera - A place for show-and-tell, wondering aloud, and wandering the trails of curiosity. there’s so much rad stuff there – go & explore.

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the old brooklyn parlor

With its comforting menu of coffee, pastries, and ice cream, The Old Brooklyn Parlor is filling a void in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Objective Subject worked with the owner, Nick Haven, to establish the 1930s Brooklyn aesthetic with dense typography of classic New York geometric sans serif and custom hand-lettered script.

by Objective Subjective

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beer, tasty beer – poster by sam soulek

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MGU’s original drawings at etsy

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best costume ever

everyone else’s halloween costumes really sucked compared to this guy’s – see how it was made here

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dreams of flying

Crossing the desert on the back of a dog or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean, Jan von Holleben’s photographs make nostalgic dreams come true.

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