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January 2010

  • Stuff

    dog show

    i just love the pageantry of dog shows, and especially how the owners often look like their pets (the dogs also look either horribly embarrassed or completely elated to be there).

  • Photography


    Vincent Fournier's Space Project is just too beautiful.…

  • Food, Photography

    canille et vanille

    canille et vanille is a food blog by aran goyoaga, and has some of the most delicious and beautiful looking food & photography i’ve seen in a long time! yum yum yum.…

  • Art


    a series of works painted outside on site at the lowe’s parking lot by shane neufeld via art hound…

  • Stuff

    nom nom nom

    just had to show you the way my sister-in-law wrapped all the homemade stollen & cookies that she gave everyone at christmas (cut-out reindeer tags!)…

  • Fashion


    A.P.C's new spring/summer 2010 lookbook: so french, so chic, so simple, so nice.…

  • Photography


    loving marie edwards‘ film photos from flagstaff, arizona.…

  • Vintage


    “Letterheady is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don’t care about the letter’s content. Just its design.”…

  • Fashion

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 22

    bumper fashion special #25! the secret squirrel & ruby autumn/winter 2010 collections are so amazing, i almost can’t wait for colder weather. secret squirrel autumn/winter 2010: ruby autumn/winter 2010: geren ford pre-fall…

  • Photography


    a friend of mine is getting married this year, so i’ve been helping her find inspiration for her wedding (another great excuse to peruse wedding sites, i suppose). came across this wedding…

  • Living

    arthur erickson

    i am positively salivating over these wooden houses by late architect arthur erickson…

  • Stuff


    my mom always sends me these forwarded emails, usually of cute animal stories. i couldn't pass up posting this one (which you may or may not have seen before). i just love…

  • Living

    labour & wait

    "Established in 2000 in the heart of East London's market district, we offer a wide range of timeless, functional products for daily life."…