i wasn’ t planning on posting today because i’ve been sick in bed for a day and a half. however, there’s only so much sleeping and tv watching a girl can do before feverish boredom sets in. so i decided to play around with my camera which hasn’t got much love from me lately, and took some shots of things i own & treasure.

i found this cup & saucer in a second hand shop in kleinmond. it was made by a finnish company called arabia (i assume it’s from the 50’s/60’s) and is, by far, my favourite thing to drink tea / coffee out of. if it ever had to break, my heart would break. best of all – it has no chips!

this mini umbrella stand holds my nick nacks. it was made in the mid-fifties by an english company called midwinter

i bought these bowls for R35 each, they were a steal. they are locally made by a company called inini glass.

you may have noticed the placemat those bowls were sitting on top of, it was a gift from a friend.

bought this alarm clock at a second hand shop in stellenbosch, it was one of about 20-30 clocks owned by a guy who had collected them all his life (all working condition) and he just decided to get rid of them one day. sad. not sad for me though! it’s really nice to look at, but i turned it off after about a day because the ticking was driving me insane.

some of my jewellery (yes, that is a giant solid fake gold peanut)

bangles made by a friend and worn to death by me

i bought these two from one of those dudes who are always standing at traffic lights peddling things. i couldn’t resist them. i think i called them dustin & sheila at first, but now a days just refer to them as dustin and hoffman.

a poster

my favourite cushion filled with goose feathers. gift from a friend.

perfumes, favourite ones nearing on empty :(

gift from a friend

my bag. i bought it back in 2006. i was still a student and it was over R1000 (a lot for me at the time). i was hesitant but she said, just get it – it’s going to last forever. you won’t regret it. and she was right, of course. i use it every single day and will until it literally falls apart. it’s by jo borkett.

my mom bought me this bag in italy, i don’t use it much as it’s more of a large book bag – but it’s beautiful.

books i like

my brother took this  photo – the alhambra, spain.

i stole this from my dad

probably the best pictures i own.

i’ve shown you this before, but i’m showing you again. look at that craft!

ah, sophia loren. sexy. also a gift from a friend (they have good taste)



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    ah thanks! i didn’t take a course but i know the basics from studying graphic design (we had to do photography, with proper film SLR cameras and develop our own pics). i think the best advice i can offer is to buy an old SLR camera (you can get them cheap as chips these days) with different lenses and fiddle around with everything. also because it’s film, you actually have to concentrate on what you’re doing you can’t just snap snap snap away – makes for a better quality picture imo!

    i took these with my digital cam and it’s not an SLR but i can still control aperture, shutter speed etc. that’s how i got so much light in. but i also touch up in photoshop afterwards.

    a course is never a bad idea! i tthink the cape town school of photography has short workshops.