i’m still dreaming of getting an old car. mostly i just want to buy one cash and not have to worry about car payments, but i suppose there are so many other things to worry about (it breaking down, using more petrol if it’s a gas guzzler, not having *air con*, spending more cash on fixing it up than it would have cost to buy a new car bla bla bla).

but the fact that an old car always looks so much radder to me than anything else on the road outweighs all the negatives. everytime i see one (whether it’s a morris minor or a karmann ghia) i do a double take and usually swoon under my breath – or loud enough for the owner of the car to smirk at me in that knowing way people who own vintage cars do.

my dad has an old ford escort from the sixties that used to belong to my gran. it looks almost exactly like this one below, and is currently sitting at my parent’s house – just chilling. it doesn’t work right now, but mostly due to no one driving it than anything else. it was the first car i ever drove (being an automatic, it was easy for me to cruise up and down our street with it). i’m going to fix it up one day, i tells ya!

if you want to browse through some rad vehicles, check out the franschhoek motor museum

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