February, 2010

glennray tutor


glennray tutor has some bizarro subject matter, but you can’t deny that his photo realistic paintings are quite amazing.




via drawn!

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carnation, lily, lily, rose


Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (1885-6)John Singer Sargent

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photo studio

these images are from raul gutierrez, all of photo studios in the east. those backdrops are radical!

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apple picking

apple picking (1878)winslow homer

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whilst perusing some back issues of frankie, i spotted these feltidermy pieces by girl savage. they made me smile.

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a little too late


one of my favourite covers is by daniel rossen of grizzly bear, of jo jo’s a little too late

daniel rossen – too little too late

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haasbroek t-shirts

remember the Z-A series by jaco haasbroek? well, he’s submitted a design to threadless that shows the entire character alphabet and people need to vote for it so it can be printed. i would personally LOVE this on a t-shirt!



so please hop over to threadless and vote

update! the t-shirts were printed, yay. go here to buy.

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portrait of gertha felsovanyi

Portrait of Gertha Felsovanyi (1902)Gustav Klimt

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