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dream bag

tennis hagan long strap bag – Hand made in Canada, cut from one continuous piece of waxed and edged latigo leather. Closure is a custom brass buckle designed by Tannis Hegan. Comes with a handmade cotton bag.

yes, please! oh wait, it’s $320 (my friends who can make bags, i’m looking at you)

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  1. i was in a coffee shop THIS morning and pointed over to a woman who had a bag like this and said to Lauren, ‘I need bags like that in the shop.’ True story!

  2. You should send this to Meezigee – her sister makes amazing leather goods. Also, this reminds me of a old postman’s bad from the old days – nice and leather and chunky. I got one off a postman in Swellendam a while ago. Complete with scribblings and mended seems and rips etc. A wonderful bag.

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  4. Hi could you please tell me if the tennis hagan long strap bag is available to purchase and the cost?

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