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i love this, and it’s something i’ve always wanted to do … except i find thrift stores so overwhelming as they’re usually incredibly unorganised (read: piles and piles of crap to sieve through). of course there are tons of etsy and ebay shops who sell wonderful & cheap vintage items – which is a great resource for people who live in the US & the UK. but somehow ordering a cheap old dress online and having it flown / shipped all the way to south africa doesn’t seem like a great way to practice sustainability or even to save money.

that being said! i discovered a great shop called twitch vintage which operates from ebay (i can’t remember how i found it, it’s been sitting in my bookmarks and i forget the source) – and none of the items need to be altered. so if you’re not sewing savvy and you want some affordable & cool vintage pieces – have at it.

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