after spying a classic walnut, blue cheese & pear salad on robyn maclarty’s blog koek, i immediately thought of my favourite salad of the authentic greek kind. i’m not talking the watered down version you get at mugg & bean and numerous other cafes across the country – greek salad does not have lettuce in it.

my own version differs from the original greek salad in that i don’t peel the cucumber and i cut the feta into smaller blocks. i also don’t include green peppers, which is only optional for a greek salad as far as i know. you can also add capers, but i find them to be way too salty. you’ll need:

  • tomatoes (i use rosa tomatoes)
  • cucumber
  • kalamata olives
  • feta (full fat and preferably greek style, please)
  • red onion

to dress:

  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar (not balsamic, not plain vinegar, not apple cider vinegar!)
  • dried herbs (preferably a mix of oreganum, thyme and maybe rosemary)

and from here it’s simple – just cube all the ingredients, slice the onions, toss together (de-pip the olives to prevent broken teeth) and dress with generous amounts of olive oil and just enough vinegar to taste – a tablespoon usually does it. also lots & lots of the dried herbs. the dressing really makes the salad. you can leave it to stand for a good while before serving, it just tastes better & better. though obviously, like all salads, does not taste great as leftovers.

it’s insanely good with greek lamb and mezze, but i eat it on its own all the time. i once ate only greek salad for a solid week… a combination of sheer deliciousness and laziness.

ps: i was politely nudged by robyn to do some more food posts ;) i am not a foodie by any means, but i am going to convince my friend jessica to feature some recipes soon.

images: getty & ehpien


  1. Hey Diana – only got to see this post now! I really love your food pics – this salad looks so delicious. And that image of the sea! God I want to be there right now…

    Robyn x

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