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April 2010

  • Vintage

    hand book

    the kind of book i’d buy the second i saw it, even though i don’t need a practical english handbook (or do i?) property of daniel letson brought to my attention by…

  • Fashion

    radley london

    this is how to sell me something – pair nice accessories with beautiful bikes. done! sold! shoes & bags from radley london, images from their spring/summer 2010 catalogue. love that little scottie in…

  • Living


    i grew up in a white walls household – it just went with my parent’s ‘modernist’ house and that was that. i still get nervous about putting colour on the walls, though…

  • Photography


    had a bit of a day yesterday, so some cute & amusing pictures are in order. mad men birdies (check out joan!)…

  • Fashion, Vintage

    the tweed run

    this put a big smile on my face this morning “What ho! 400 of London’s most sartorial Gents and most finely attired Ladies gathered in Chelsea on Saturday for the Tweed Run…

  • Living

    all i need

    i know i usually feature fancy looking wood & glass masterpieces, but i’d really just like a pretty little house, possibly with a garden (or a courtyard, or a verandah – or…

  • Photography

    a clock without hands

    i wish i had more information about marcine miller (an american living in paris, i think?) – but i do know that her blog is beautiful and her photos are gorgeous (and…

  • Fashion


    as far as i can remember camper was one of the first famous international designer brands that opened a store in south africa (possibly in 2001/2? i remember going to the shop in…

  • Fashion, Vintage

    gibson girl

    i don't know who this lady is, but she absolutely stole the show in all the paris fashion week pics.

    edit: i know who she is now, it's

  • Fashion, Vintage


    net-a-porter has a nice little get the look magazine feature on grace kelly right now…

  • Photography


    i found cary norton‘s collection of beard photos on flickr… … which lead me to the official website of whiskerino: Beards used to be glorified as signs of virility and manliness… In early…

  • Art

    kate slater

    aaaah, cut outs! love the work of illustrator kate slater. but what really, really swayed me (besides her talent) is this pride & prejudice poster she did for her sister’s birthday. it’s my…

  • Photography


    i want to go to there! it looks like what i imagine summer camp to be… photos by sean marc lee…