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May 2010

  • Art, Film

    inappropriate golden books

    this is soooo cool, pixar artist josh cooley has turned scenes from his favourite movies into a series of inappropriate golden books illustrations, and has now compiled them all into a book…

  • Vintage

    cannes, 1962

    if you peruse celeb blogs you might have noticed that the cannes film festival was on and ended a couple of days ago (see my favourite fashion picks if you like). these are photos…

  • Fashion, Vintage


    discovered this pretty rad & amusing set of mid-eighties fashion photography from peter duke…

  • Fashion

    shae acopian detar

    some nice photos & styling from shae acopian detar of lullie vintage clothing…

  • dornier-web


    i went to dornier. have you been? you should go. and on sunday it was my niece’s baptism (hence all the prettiness)…

  • Fashion, Photography


    ruche just launched its summer 2010 lookbook, photography by stephanie williams…

  • Art, Photography

    simen johan

    in his ongoing series until the kingdom comes, simen johan depicts a natural world hovering between reality, fantasy and nightmare.  merging traditional photographic techniques with digital methods, johan’s…

  • Film

    boardwalk empire

    boardwalk empire is a new series from HBO set in prohibition america…

  • Living

    dream desk

    dream desk, absolute flippen dream desk: a 1920s french drafting table… these aren’t bad either……