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i know i know i know, marilyn monroe? i mean – could i be any more obvious? (imagine that said in a chandler voice) … but it’s hard to fathom how many photos were taken of her, and how many new ones i seem to discover almost daily. ah well, i thought i may as well share. all images from laura loveday

before & after…

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  1. it’s official. your blog is hands down my new favorite.
    i totally should be sleeping right now, so i’ll blame you
    when i am way tired tomorrow.

    the vintage photos you post could enthrall me for weeks. really.

  2. the photo that i like a lot is the one of marilyn reading joyce┬┤s ulysses in a playground…

  3. I love the pictures of her before she was famous. She was a beauty no matter what her hair color was =)

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