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June 2010

  • Fashion

    h&m + zara

    h&m and zara, the two places i am most likely to walk into first if i was teleported to london, paris or any other european city right now…. h&m fall 2010 lookbook:…

  • Design, Vintage

    project thirty three

    project thirty three is a collection of vinyl covers collected, scanned & archived by jive time records…

  • sad coco


    coco is my family’s german short haired pointer, and if you know anything about this breed it’s that they need a lot of exercise. and i mean a lot. unfortunately for coco…

  • Vintage

    wild women

    kate told me about this flickr group called wild women of the past, which made me almost giddy with excitement. i recognised the images of one of my favourite flickr members giuseppe,…

  • Fashion


    my hair is so long now, i often braid it and just put it up – milkmaid style. i’d really love to learn how to do a french braid though, someone teach…

  • Music

    fools rush in

    i know i’ve contributed plenty to the 38,000+ views that she & him‘s cover of fools rush in has garnered on youtube, but if you haven’t seen it yet… enjoy:…

  • Fashion

    french connection

    i hope you’ve seen the man adverts, french connection has carried the theme over to their website too…

  • Vintage

    tea tags

    a nice collection of tea tags, for your enjoyment.…