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July 2010

  • Photography

    max & margaux

    the wedding of max & margaux has been well documented online (you can see the five posts over at once wed here, here, here, here & here). max is a well-known wedding…

  • Fashion

    fantasy outfit #2

    a fantasy outfit from net-a-porter. total price? $5030 (i mean, let’s be serious) items: sunglasses / t-shirt / sleeveless cardigan / watch / jeans / jacket / shoes / bag…

  • Living

    smart flat

    man alive this is a clever little flat! it would force someone to live very minimally (not a bad thing)

  • Art

    ken garduno

    i really really really love these illustrations by ken garduno…

  • Living

    mahna mahna factory

    saw this shop on for me, for you yesterday –  i would happily put every single item in my house…

  • Design

    ace hotel

    the branding of the ace hotel looks oh so good. yet another fantastic project from the official manufacturing co…

  • Photography

    laurence philomene

    i need to stop staring at this picture by laurence philomene the rest of her photography is also very lovely, as expected……

  • Design

    the potter’s workshop

    i absolutely love these pastel vases made by the potter’s worskop as seen via this article…

  • Film

    public relations

    ok i am a mad men addict, that’s been well established. i’ve watched the season 4 premiere twice already. just wanted to highlight some moments of wardrobe & set design that i…