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August 2010

  • Fashion

    fantasy outfit #5

    fantasy outfit #5... total price: $8000 (R58,500) uuuum. yes okay, it's mostly from net-a-porter.

    man-o-lantern it's been cold this weekend! just when i was babbling about it being so warm…

  • Vintage

    spot the innuendos

    these look like they’ve been taken out of an opening scene for a cheesy porno catalogue. also, notice the toilet seat frame hanging on the wall! all from retro space.…

  • Photography

    green lady

    the colour, the styling, the room – just right. photography by phil sharp.…

  • Photography

    casey & richard

    i started following casey‘s blog sibling mine last year and noticed her talking about her upcoming wedding a bit on twitter. well now the wedding pics have finally been revealed and it looks like they…

  • Stuff

    made me smile

    things that made me smile this week… peggy in the latest mad men episode – “you look swellegant!” this picture: classic jane birkin: this lady’s outfit: this what i wore drawing: this old…

  • Photography

    david meade

    these are the best beard portraits i have ever seen! by david meade via pdn phto of the day…

  • Photography


    it's going to be spring soon! though our tricksy south african weather has been making everyone assume it's spring already (this has probably been the mildest and most glorious winter…

  • Stuff

    thaya: things i like right now

    things i like right now by thaya of beatnik bazaar Things I’m loving = Local Here are some goodies I’m loving by local designers, who never cease to amaze me with their…