i ate a lot of cheese

i can get by in a foreign city on very little – and paris is no exception. i’m talking food, here. give me a baguette and some cheese and i’m pretty much good to go the entire day. actually, give me bread and cheese just in general and i’m good to go – forever.

the first thing people usually say when they talk about paris is, “it’s so expensive!” maybe, if you eat out all the time and really treat yourself – sure. but if you’re on a budget i find it the same as any other city, if not cheaper. you can buy a baguette for around a euro (let’s say about 10 ZAR) and the same goes for anything you want to put on it. plus the markets are great for food shopping, obviously.

(those are giant balls of cheese, by the way)

of course there’s nothing like actually sitting at a sidewalk café in paris. just stick to drinks… and linger over them.

if you want to splash out a bit, go to montmartre and visit aux bons vins – i had the best white wine i have ever tasted there (i also said this a number of times during lunch) and the food was superb.

also, i didn’t buy any macarons (sacrilege! sacrebleu! etc!) it was my last day in paris and i had just checked my credit card balance (thanks to clothes shopping, not food) when i stumbled upon a ladureé in st germain. went in, appreciated all the goodies, watched the parisians buying giant boxes of the tiny pastel macarons, saw the prices, walked out.

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paris people

i wish i could have taken photos of every single rad and interesting person i saw in paris, but i didn’t want to be that creepy girl that took photos of strangers all day long. my paris memories are already starting to fade, this saddens me.

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larita: things i like right now

things i like right now by larita of the daily cut-ups

  1. My Lisa Firer floral porcelain vase
  2. Jasmine flowers in September, the smell always makes me nostalgic
  3. Looking for old picture books at second hand stores
  4. An excuse to have a toned-down version of a Marie Antoinette dress made (ala Coppola style)
  5. Road tripping ( for work) through theGarden Route
  6. The 1980’s shades I found in my mom’s drawer
  7. Jason Schwartzman (he’s just so cute and talented, reminds me of my boyfriend, and season 2 of Bored to Death is coming out!)
  8. The Rolling Stone Magazine 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time
  9. Being a librarian (well, only assistant, but I like to dress the part anyway)
  10. The Garden of Earthly Delights, a 16th century painting by Hieronymus Bosch
  11. Narciso Rodrigues For Her (okay, I’ve loved this for 5 years, but I’m still stuck on it)
  12. Steven Cohen’s video artwork Golgotha
  13. Malcolm Gladwell books