les puces de saint-ouen

les puces de saint-ouen is an area of paris made up of several flea markets that is simply huge. i only explored the vernaisson (antiques / bric-a-brac) section – and even that took a good few hours.

this shop in the middle of the market is called tombées du camion. they sell beads and all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces… the raddest & most creative displays i’ve seen in a while.

all photos by me, more at my flickr



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    Loving seeing your pics – I lifted my camera to take a shot at one of the stalls here and was shouted at so loudly I dared not take another shot all day! (Should have asked before if I could shoot but the reaction was still rather OTT!)

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      the same thing happened to me when i was taking a photo of a window display – not even at this market but just an ordinary shop in the middle of paris! i was standing outside in the street and the woman actually came out of her shop and said, NO PHOTO! sheesh.

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    I was in this very shop on my trip to Paris in September of 2010!

    I am so impressed that you were able to take photographs at the Fleas. I tried to and got yelled at by a woman in one of the shops who actually came over to me and made me delete the photo I took of her storefront. She made me prove it was not on my camera anymore!! I tried to explain to her that I was just a blogger from the states and wanted to share my experience with friends…to no avail. For the remainder of our trip I was very careful about taking pictures of storefronts. Too careful!

    Your images of Paris make me want to go back. They are lovely!