père lachaise

i had been to père lachaise cemetery once before on a previous trip to paris, but had literally run in and out in a frenzy of sightseeing just to look at jim morrison’s grave (one of those shameless things you just have to do, like visiting the eiffel tower.) this time round i had plenty of time to walk all through the huge grounds. i honestly think it is one of the most beautiful places in paris – mostly because of the tree lined avenues and the feeling of escaping the city as soon as you’re within its walls.

all photos by me, more at my flickr.


  1. I’ve only ever been in the winter months, blankets of snow everywhere, muffled silence, beautiful, and very haunting, but these pictures give it a lighter, fresher beauty. Stunning!

  2. reminds me of the recoleta cemetery in buenos aires, which i loved.

    from your photos, pere lachaise seems to have a more spacious, forested feel though, would love to see it!

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