the best place to have a picnic, doze off in a garden chair, people watch, go for a stroll, take your dog for le poop (pick it up please), read a book, spend your lunch break etc etc ETCETERA! a garden in paris is everyone’s best friend.

i just have to tell you about the guy below, i noticed him approaching out of the corner of my eye – not because of what he was wearing, but how he was walking. think a less goofy version of john cleese’s elongated stride in the ministry of silly walks. he also had this manner about him as if the whole of the tuileries was empty and it was just him cruising along listening to his music. unfortunately the pic i managed to snap has him seriously out of focus (difficult taking pictures of people without them knowing – you feel like such a creep!) hope you don’t mind me taking your pic, cool walking guy.

all photos by me, more at my flickr


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