paris people

i wish i could have taken photos of every single rad and interesting person i saw in paris, but i didn’t want to be that creepy girl that took photos of strangers all day long. my paris memories are already starting to fade, this saddens me.

see the rest of the paris photos at my flickr


  1. These photo’s are magnificent! I know how you feel, I wish I could just people stalk all day; taking pictures and whatnot but I get so freaked out by what they might think.

  2. I always want to take pictures of people but I am never brave enough. Although I think if someone wanted to take a picture of me that would probably make my day.
    These are beautiful-love the girl with flowers in her hair.

  3. wow! :) your paris pics are amazing. I was there in July and I also feel my memories fading! I WANNA GO BACK! everybody dresses so well in europe. its like they all just have natural style!

  4. these are beautiful. i happen to be the girl walking down the road in the second photo! miss paris already!

  5. jeez diana i just love your pictures sooooo much. its always the best treat visiting your blog….
    thanks so much. xxx

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