things i like right now by janine of being brazen

  1. The idea of spending a week or two in New York City –  While I have seen New York in “real” life before, I have never had the chance to really go sightseeing. Lately I daydream about going there too much
  2. Jimmy Choo ‘Phoenix’ espadrilles – they are so gorgeous. I would adore a black pair.
  3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – I am only just reading it now and I really do love it. I think the film will be fantastic.
  4. Eating more meat-free dishes – I will never be a vegetarian, but I am starting to see that choosing meat-free can be a good idea a few days a week (you can read my thoughts on the subject here if you like)
  5. Antique wood closets – I really want to get two . I deperately need more cupboard space
  6. Gossip Girl season 4 –  Its only 2 episodes in and its wonderful. As usual Blair looks fantastic in nearly everything she wears
  7. Sparkly statement necklaces
  8. 1950’s inspired floral dresses – especially strapless ones
  9. Florence and the Machine – the band is ridiculously awesome. My favourite songs right now are “Cosmic love” and “Dog days are over”
  10. Playing squash – it makes exercising fun (and since I am not a big fan of exercise this fact really helps me to motivate me)
  11. Red – I am smitten with red things right now – clothing, lips, nails, shoes…if its red I probably want it.


  1. With you on the closet space thing. Gonna have to invade the spare room closet soon.
    Can’t wait to see Gossip Girl!
    Lovely list, Brazen :)

  2. I also want to visit New York, take me with you ;)

    Also, if you like Flroence and the Machine you should take a listen to the Christian band The Arrows. I really think there’s some similarities

    Have a lovely day!

    :) xx

  3. I honestly don’t know where the chick finds the time to create all the lists.

    Love Florence and the Machine too. Don’tt have all their songs but I do have Cosmic love.

    Right now I’m daydreaming about Vic Falls. But its not as cheap as I had hoped it would be.

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