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September 2010

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    les puces de saint-ouen

    les puces de saint-ouen is an area of paris made up of several flea markets that is simply huge. i only explored the vernaisson (antiques / bric-a-brac) section – and even that took…

  • Fashion

    skirt length

    every time i see a woman wearing a skirt that falls to her knees or longer i get a little thrill. high-waisted and mid-calf is pretty much my favourite look,…

  • Photography, Stuff

    père lachaise

    i had been to père lachaise cemetery once before on a previous trip to paris, but had literally run in and out in a frenzy of sightseeing just to look at jim morrison’s…

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    you might get sick of my paris bla bla bla paris posts in the following days (i apologise in advance, just let me get it out of my system). i still have to…

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    i’ll be gone for ten days, so it’s going to be a bit quiet around here. regular posting to resume soon. photos by me…

  • hit-the-road

    hit the road

    september music mix is here! this is not really a ‘road trip’ mix, per se (no tracy chapman / fast car …) – but certainly tunes i love playing in my car.…

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    all day day light

    you might have noticed the lack of new posts here today – due to the usual reasons (busy busy busy real life bla bla bla). well, i’ll leave you with at least…

  • Fashion

    brown & black

    four quite different looks that i am all on board with style sightings / stockholm street style stockholm street style / dublin streets…