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as you’re not allowed to take photos in the museé d’orsay anymore, i decided to write down every painting i liked. notice some of the silly lists i scribbled… (far more difficult to do when you’re copying the titles from french, i felt like a kid learning the alphabet for the first time)

these are just a few that made me stop in my tracks….

cuno amiet – snowy landscape (1904)this is AWESOME to see in person.  i wrote in brackets “HUGE!”

winslow homer – summer night (1890) – one of my favourite paintings of all time.

auguste renoir – fernand halphen as a boy (1880) - the red practically shines from across the room.

odilon redon – eve (1904)sheesh, his paintings are beautiful. difficult to pick a favourite.

louis anquetin – henri samary (1880) – wicked. possibly a new addition as i don’t recall seeing it before.

joseph granié – marguerite moreno (1899) – luminous would be the right word here.

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  1. i did the exact same thing when i went there two years ago! only i wasn’t blogging then, so nothing really came from all my scribbling. and i felt like the museum attendants were looking at me like i was going to use my writing utensil to deface a painting or something. it was awkward. or maybe IIIIII was awkward and that’s why they were looking at me like that, haha

  2. Love this post. I always fail to write down the names properly or I can never read my handwriting but it so fun to read it again a few years later. I mentioned this blog on my blog today.

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