hey, GAP. i hate that you guys didn’t have any of this rad stuff when i was in paris. you suck. okay no, you don’t. but please come to south africa – we’re having spring slash summer right now! i could really do with all of this.

i’m vaguely aware that in the US gap isn’t considered the most stylish of brands (correct me if i’m wrong), but when i lived in london i absolutely loved it, and was in and out of there all the time (with shopping bags, of course.) do the european stores have different desgners / stock, i wonder?


  1. i like gap (us gap). it’s totally hit or miss though. sometimes i go in there and i think – “even if i had a 200 dollar gift certificate, i don’t know what i’d buy”. but i went in a few days ago and (despite the fact that my wallet was begging me not to) bought a supremely awesome striped shirt, a skirt, a belt, and a cardigan. also, i really think their offerings change depending on where you are. i went to school in massachusetts and hardly ever found anything i wanted, but i always find stuff at the gap in maine. which is odd. you’d think a gap in a more metropolitan area would have a better selection, but i actually find more-awesome things at my more-rural gap.

    okay. i think that’s enough gap-talk from me, haha.

  2. The gap at least in the US, goes up and down all the time! Lately, though and more recently, I think there have been different designers and it has become more fashionable. For awhile, it was just all their basics and super blah. No editorial magic or style came through in their stores! I’m sure it has to do with managers at each store, and every store has different stock, too.

    Lately, I’m loving it! but I’ve always been a fan of their simple and classic clothes.

  3. totally agree with Mallory and Kelly (and also totally late on this post, as I’ve been reading um, your entire blog). Gap is kinda always awesome in parts. it absolutely depends on where you live. I lived in LA for a long time and my boyfriend lived in Chicago…the Gaps were always 100% different in both cities. I love love love love love love love their Always Skinny jeans, they’ve become my “perfect” jean. I love their heathered V-necks, they are way better than the AA tri-blend V’s and are often on $9 sale. they did a gorgeous clog this season for only $80, that looked like it was a $350 pair. but there have been so many times when I’ve gone in and walked out within 3 minutes. okay, I too have written too much about Gap. haha.

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