the party

i will always love the party, mostly due to the fact that the phrase ‘birdie num num’ is a running joke in my family. second to peter sellers’ antics, the best thing about this film is the house where all the action goes down. as a kid i thought nothing was more glamorous than a house that had a water running through it (am i right?) … i still kind of think that! i also love the way sellers wanders around, completely out of place – i totally empathise with his party awkwardness… obviously the sixties vibe completely appeals to me as well. haven’t seen the party? do it.



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  1. says

    This is brilliant! I *love* this movie and all because of the ‘birdie num num’ line… We have laughed about this in my family, growing up… wow – I haven’t thought of this movie in years… thanks for the reminder :D

  2. Kristinejoy says

    i’m new to your blog but i cant stop clicking “older posts”

    your pictures and what interests you are great

    also, how nice of you to make mixes for your readers!