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fashioney things i would like (trying not to say WANT. don’t want to be a brat.) fashioney things i dream about? better.

these a detacher rankin booties – of the thousands of hits domahoka must get every day on this item i’m pretty sure 80% is from me just going back to look at them over and over.

tsumori chasato pour petit bateau – the prettiest little top i ever did see.

rachel comey is torturing me again with this blackjack blouse

and then there’s missibaba‘s new shoes (holy shit guys)

this comme des garçons wool yoke shirt – something a cowgirl would wear, no?

oh, and rachel comey is at it again. this time with a saddle bag. rachel!

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  1. ohhh I just did a post where I tried not to say I wanted or needed, too! I have a dream wish list – aka will probably never happen. and then a real wish list… or want list, I guess. I love those boots at the top! I’ve been wanting some like those, but in a rust color. I’m too picky. Oh and Rachel Comey is just genius.

  2. Rachel Townsend says

    I have a wish list on face book, and since i moved away from my home ‘Australia’ to be with my boyfriend in Italy a close friend of mine surprised me by posting me a polaroid camera, which was on the list. One is ticked off now YAY.

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