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art on the streets

i decided to do another one of these because (a) i love them (b) other people love them and (c) do i need another reason? oh, i haven’t posted any art in a while. my favourite thing. that’s c.

citizen couture / edgar degas

altamira / annie french

citizen couture / cecilio pla y gallardo

stockholm street style / henri de toulouse-lautrec

sartorialist / jean-baptiste-camille corot

vanessa jackman / seymour joseph guy

stockholm street style / john singer sargent

streethearts / joaquin sorolla y bastida

mr. newton / henri martin

café mode / gustave caillebotte

NAST / odilon redon

hanneli / berthe morisot

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  1. You did such a fantastic job! I just keep looking over this post and admiring how well your pairings suit each other. hip hip to you!

  2. LOVE THIS!! Such fun I can’t wait to try — a really fantastic idea.

    Thanks for sharing, you have a great eye.


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  4. What a wonderful and beautiful collection, both left and right, from top to bottom. Happy to have found my way to this post by way of Hila’s beautiful blog.

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