things i like right now by mallix

  1. Weekend hiking – we use Mike Lundy’s book: “Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula” (Random House Struik) and do all his hikes every year
  2. My dogs. Don’t trust people who don’t like animals, believe me. They’re also a great source of outside
  3. The Obs Spar Bakery – fresh Californian Sour Rye, the best assorted Croissants and various breads, whenever you need it
  4. Retro handsets – always a conversation starter and fun to hunt the mint one still in its box – and they’re still quite cheap (for now…)
  5. Podcasts: brian gossett / since 1978 and noice – cannot design properly without a consistent stream of quality music
  6. Flying – not the commercial jet type, the do-it-yourself, 4 seater kind. Best way to spend a Sunday, hopping around snow-capped mountains above Ceres with your friends
  7. Urban Exploration. South Africa is still full of old, forgotten places waiting for a bit of time travel. Get out and explore your city
  8. Stellenbosch market. Best food, best location. Where else would you want to be on a Saturday morning? And Milnerton Market, of course. But not for food
  9. Hunter S Thompson. Leading views on life and politics – never a boring read. Watch out for the film adaption of “The Rum Diary” that’s currently in post production
  10. Anything 3D. Games, TV’s, cinema’s
  11. Rayban round-blue. If you can find them
  12. Motorbikes. Much more fun and stylish than cars. Quicker too

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