i am officially addicted to svpply. it’s like pinterest + ffffound + polyvore all rolled into one. i know just opened with huge fanfare, and i played around with it a little, but it’s not nearly as rad. in fact, i hated all the suggestions that google (sorry, gave me, and how they categorised my style as casual chic. come on! talk about a cliché guys. svpply on the other hand has me excited about basically every single product that i see on the home page, it’s not just fashion AND they have a super helpful gift guide section.

if you want to see my growing collection just go here, and be sure to sign up + share your link so i can follow you.



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    One one hand, I realize that I’ve just added another “time-waster” to my bookmarks toolbar. But on the other hand, it is helping me to refine the images on my tumblr into items for purchase as opposed to just images. (Which is clearly something high on my priority list :))

    Regardless, your my first follower on svpply & I’m already loving it.