may i introduce you to my new winter… and summer homes? they are in norway. at least i’m pretty sure they’re in norway, as the architect’s website is in norwegian (i’m guessing) and my google translate won’t activate.

my winter home is pretty rad because it has reindeer antlers on the pitch of the roof (i put them there)

my summer home is awesome because of all the windows, so i can let the light in until 10pm. or whenever it sets in norway. does the sun even set in norway in summer? i’ll soon find out.

you can come visit, i’ll try to find some scandanavian style pull out couches.


  1. Your houses are indeed in Norway! You should pop over to Sweden for a visit, but maybe wait until spring – it is now 1pm and the sun will set in less than 2 hours…

    Greetings from dark and dreary Stockholm. x

  2. I love this post. I think we should all have a few fantasy houses!!!!

    Greatings from dark and dreary London.

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